Teva’s Global Supply Chain

Touching Close to 200 Million Lives Daily

Teva understands the supply chain. And we know how to make it work to benefit our customers and the patients who depend on our products.

Our goal is simple. Deliver the highest quality medicines – when and where our patients need them – at an affordable price. We operate the largest fully integrated manufacturing and delivery network in the pharmaceutical industry. And that requires an agile and efficient supply chain that anticipates fluctuations in demand and responds rapidly to those changes.

Each day, Teva provides close to 3,600 products that touch nearly 200 million lives globally. That amounts to 76 billion tablets and capsules and 1 billion doses of sterile injectable drugs annually.

Our company delivers medicines to more than 60 markets, including the United States and Europe. We are the primary source for many of those products.

Teva is a leading supplier of medications on the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List (EML), which includes important drugs that address key healthcare needs. We manufacture 83% of the cardiovascular treatments and 73% of cancer therapies on the EML. We also provide medicines for patients living with respiratory problems, diabetes, pain and mental health issues. Our participation in this program helps supply much needed products to society’s most vulnerable populations.

Teva addresses the specific needs of our customers through precise planning at all levels of the manufacturing and supply process. And we carefully manage production to make sure the medicines most crucial to patients are always available. We continuously look for ways to strengthen our supply chain network by concentrating on operational excellence and network efficiency.

Over 37,000 employees and 53 global manufacturing sites are focused on one objective – improving the lives and health of all those who depend on Teva products.

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