More Than 400 Children Paint Clear Picture of Teva’s Commitment to Patient Safety

“Safe Teva Drugs” by Michal, age category 10-12, Poland

More than 400 children from around the globe put crayon to paper to share their personal interpretations about the importance of patient safety and high-quality medicines as part of the company’s Art of Patient Safety Children’s Artwork Contest, a special campaign to celebrate Teva’s 120th anniversary in 2021.

We invited Teva families to have conversations about the work we do every day to make safe and effective medicines, and the high priority patient safety plays in strengthening the trust between our company and the people who rely on the quality of our medicines, including patients, customers, caregivers, healthcare providers, health authorities and others. 

“Training to do my job right” by Valerie, age category 7-9, US“Training to do my job right” by Valerie, age category 7-9, US

“Art is a universal language,” said Sebastian Horn, Head of Global Patient Safety and Pharmacovigilance. “And children have a pure and honest way of representing truth. We wanted to encourage family conversations about Teva, its history, and our role in global health and patient and medicines safety.

“Trust is an important foundation in relationships, including relationships with brands,” Sebastian added. “Trust in Teva starts with our medicines and our patients and we take that very seriously.”

Twelve winners in four age categories ranging from four to 15-years-old were selected based on effectiveness in illustrating the importance of patient safety, artistic expression and emotional impact.

“Teva’s patients are in good hands” by Omar, age category 4-6, Israel“Teva’s patients are in good hands” by Omar, age category 4-6, Israel

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View the Art of Patient Safety Gallery

Enjoy the full gallery below of children’s drawings submitted for the Art of Patient Safety Children’s Artwork Contest.

Are medications safe for us?

Nelli | 13-15 | Hungary

Researchers put a lot of effort in the testing of medications just to make them safer for us.

Teva listens and helps... because it’s in our nature.

Nahomi | 13-15 | Mexico

I think it's very cool that there is a department that can guide you on health issues, which can happen to anyone when taking any medication

Art of Patient Safety

Trisha | 13-15 | India

Our Medical team, along with doctors and proper medical treatment, helps to protect and cure the patients with all types of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms who make adverse effects in the human body.

Teva's Eye on Safety

Trinity | 10-12 | Canada

Teva always produces high quality medicines to ensure the safety of the patients.

Teva Cares for Patient's Health!

Amrisha | 10-12 | India

This artwork shows that Teva medicines are safe and helpful for patient's Good Health making them Healthy & Happy.

Patient Safety

Niya | 10-12 | Bulgaria

Patient safety is Teva's promise.

Use Medicines Safely!

Cynthia | 7-9 | USA

It's an important talk between two friends about how to use medicines safely!

Before taking any medicine, always read the label!

Emilie | 7-9 | United Kingdom

This patient has not read the label before taking his medicine, and he is now feeling very ill as the medicine had expired.

Safety when injecting a drug at home

Alina | 7-9 | Israel

The picture shows taking a regular medication in a daily injection. 9-year-old Alina thought it appropriate to convey her feelings through the painting with an emphasis on safety. Sits upright with hands away so as not to interfere with the injection. Brave girl :)

Flower of Life

Vika | 4-6 | Russia

The flower creates life, and the microbes want to kill the flower so that everyone is sick. The pill protects the flower.

Patient Safety First

Derrick | 4-6 | USA

Patient safety is very important. Doctors, pharmacists, and patients should work together to protect patient safety.

Medicines at the Right Dose and the Right Time

Gargi | 4-6 | India

Dont forget to take medicine at right dose and the right time. If you missed the dose consult with your doctor.