Meet the Expert: Corey Sparks

Corey Sparks, VP, US Regional Finance Director talks about what it's like to work at Teva.

Meet The Expert

Corey Sparks, VP, US Regional Finance Director, Teva Pharmaceuticals

“At Teva, we tap into our full potential and drive for success.”

Years with Teva:

3 months

Life at Teva:

I joined Teva to help continue to build a best-in-class financial department in our new North American headquarters in Parsippany, NJ.  This is a unique time to be at Teva for those who want to build a new corporate foundation around people, processes and technology -- all at once!  The next 18 months at Teva will certainly be an exciting place to work.  The people here are so passionate about the Company and are committed to ensuring its success. This is a great opportunity to be part of a new team and learn new things in a fast-paced and evolving culture.

Biggest Career Influence: 

After taking an accounting course in high school, I developed a passion for it. My first job was in public accounting and after I received my CPA, I transitioned into corporate finance.  A pivotal point in my career came when a former CFO at Tyco took a chance on me in 2005 and offered me a role working under his leadership with P&L responsibility.  It was a tremendous experience and my manager has remained a wonderful mentor throughout my career.

Best Career Advice: 

The best thing you can do for your career is put yourself out there -- try new things, ask for projects and work on game-changing initiatives.  My manager at a former job was the CFO and he advised me to build my tool box of skills and experience to get ahead. Today, I impart that wisdom to my team by telling them that they are the drivers of their own career path, not the company, your boss or even HR.

Most memorable experience at Teva: I have only been at Teva for a few months, but the team work and collaboration here is incredible.  We tap into our full potential and drive for success.  For example, right now we are working on a major enterprise migration with SAP which will go live in August 2019 and the cross functional collaboration and drive to get things done has been great.

Words to live by:

Work hard, play hard.

Favorite pastime: 


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