Making Connections for the Health of People and Our World: Teva's 2021 ESG Progress Report

ESG at Teva

Teva brings quality medicines within reach for nearly 200 million people each day, and with more than 37,000 employees across 60 countries, our influence on the world is even greater. Our ESG strategy guides how we advance health and equity, minimize our impact on the planet and dedicate ourselves to quality, ethics and transparency. It drives us to be responsible in all we do—recognizing the connection between our actions and our impact. Here’s a look at how this came to life in 2021.

Getting our medicines to those who need them 

Our vast portfolio of quality, affordable generic medicines makes Teva integral to people accessing the treatments they need. In 2021, we supplied 60% of treatments on World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List and had 585 marketing authorizations approved in low- and middle-income countries to help get our medicines to more people who need them. Also, to-date, we’ve launched four access to medicines programs—of eight we committed to by 2025—to reach vulnerable populations, including children with cancer and blood disorders in sub-Saharan Africa. We also donated $487 million worth of medicines to patients in need in 2021 and provided nearly $55 million worth of products in response to disasters around the world.

Helping our people thrive

We foster a culture where employees feel included and valued—connected by a shared passion to improve lives. In 2021, we trained more than 90% of employees on fostering an inclusive culture. We also increased the number of women in executive and senior management positions by 1.8%.

Taking care of the world we live in

The environment can have lasting effects on physical and mental well-being—and protecting our planet will, in turn, protect people’s health. With 53 manufacturing facilities and 25 R&D sites, any changes we make to how we operate can have a big impact. Since 2019, we reduced scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 13%, more than half of our 2025 target. Since 2020, we reduced our scope 3 GHG emissions by 5% (20% of 2030 target), increased the proportion of energy from renewable sources by 4% (to 33% total) and improved energy efficiency by 6%. We also met our Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Industry Alliance commitment to minimize antimicrobial discharges by completing our assessment of 100% of Teva sites that are handling Drug Products, ahead of our 2030 commitment.

Reinforcing quality, ethics and transparency as part of our identity

The choices we make affect people every day. Our culture of compliance and ethics guides us in doing business the right way, complying with all laws and fostering relationships built on trust. Last year, we trained more than 20,000 employees (99.6% of those assigned) on ethics, because operating responsibly is non-negotiable. We published three new position statements on risk management, patient safety and responsible supply chain—helping us uphold the highest standards on key issues affecting our business and society.

ESG is everybody's business at Teva

In 2021, we further connected ESG with our business and financial strategy. We strengthened our ESG governance structure and set 13 robust targets related to access to medicines, culture of ethics, environment and responsible supply chain to hold us accountable to making measurable progress. We issued a $5 billion sustainability-linked bond, the largest of its kind at the time it was issued, allowing us to raise capital while promising to deliver on ESG targets.

Our business is inherently connected to a responsibility to the world around us and the people we share it with. We take this role seriously and will continue to share how we do it—as we do in our 2021 ESG Progress Report.

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