Company Statement on Vincristine


Teva takes very seriously the importance of vincristine. We also understand the passion and pain that healthcare providers, parents and patients may feel.


Because vincristine is such a lifesaving medicine – and there is no reliable single supply anticipated in the near term – we have decided to re-introduce the product and plan to manufacture it in our plant in the U.S., which provides the fastest route to market. Product will be available for patients in the U.S. as early in 2020 as possible. When Teva removed vincristine from the market earlier this year there was no indication at all of a possible shortage. In fact, the company was only supplying 3% of the market and, without any information to the contrary, anticipated that that volume could quickly and easily be absorbed by the brand manufacturer, which was supplying the other 97%. 


We do not take the discontinuance of any product lightly, and we always evaluate the need for our product as thoroughly as possible before deciding to discontinue it (though we are generally not privy to the supply challenges that other manufacturers may be experiencing). 


Teva has a history of being a strong, responsible corporate partner and takes its commitment to patients seriously. Read more about our efforts in our latest social impact report

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