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How Can I Get a Teva Medication?

Where can I find Teva medications?

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Teva's generic medications are available in most pharmacies, in store and mail order, across the United States. To find out if your medication is available as a Teva generic, contact your pharmacy. If the pharmacy doesn't regularly stock a certain medication from Teva, ask if it can be ordered for you at no additional cost.

How can I find out when a Teva generic becomes available for my brand-name medication?

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Sign up to receive periodic emails from Teva Generics and we will automatically notify you when new generics become available from Teva.

I'm already taking a generic medication made by another manufacturer. How can I switch to Teva's?

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Check to see if Teva has the generic version of the medication you're currently taking and ask your pharmacist if your prescription can be filled with the Teva generic. If an exact Teva match is not available for your medication, speak with your healthcare provider to determine if Teva offers an alternative product that may help you to reach your treatment goals.

Can I buy directly from Teva?

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No. Our medications are only available by prescription and purchase through a licensed pharmacy.

If I have a prescription for a brand-name drug, can I get a generic equivalent at my pharmacy?

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If a healthcare provider has prescribed a medicine by its brand name and a generic equivalent is available, the pharmacist will likely automatically substitute a generic equivalent, as permitted by law. However, in most states, a healthcare provider can indicate that he or she does not wish to have the brand drug replaced with a generic. That's why it's important to tell your healthcare professional that you're interested in saving money with a Teva generic.

Check to see if Teva manufactures your brand-name medication as a cost-saving generic. If Teva does not make your generic yet, sign up to receive an alert when new Teva generics are introduced to our line.

How can I obtain a Teva generic medication?

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With a valid prescription, it's easy. Talk with your pharmacist about switching to the Teva generic equivalent for your medication. If your pharmacy does not carry the Teva product, a pharmacist may be able to order the medication for you at no additional cost.

Can I purchase Teva medications from Internet-based pharmacies?

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When purchasing medication online, make sure that the website is a pharmacy in good standing with a state board of pharmacy, staffed by state-licensed pharmacists that require a valid prescription, and has a physical U.S. address and telephone number. Only 3% of online pharmacies are legitimate. You should be concerned about counterfeit medicines if you do not go through a real online pharmacy. Counterfeit medicines are fake versions of approved drugs that do not meet the strict quality standards of the FDA, and may not be safe and effective. They may even have unexpected side effects.01

Pricing Information

Why do generics cost less than brand-name products?

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Generic drugs are less expensive than brand-name drugs because generic manufacturers do not:05

  • develop a medicine from scratch
  • repeat costly clinical trials and research which brand manufacturers have already done
  • conduct expensive advertising and marketing programs

Of course, we still must show the FDA that our product performs the same as the brand-name medicine.

Generic manufacturers do not set the price at the pharmacy so prices can vary between pharmacies. Simply contact your pharmacy to inquire about the cost of your medication, and be sure to tell your pharmacist if you have insurance.

How can I find the price of Teva's medications?

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Prices can vary between pharmacies. Simply contact your pharmacy to inquire about the cost of your medication. Be sure to tell your pharmacist if you have insurance.

Does Teva offer patient assistance programs for generic medicines?

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Although Teva does not offer patient assistance programs for generic medicines, Teva does offer copay programs for several generic products.

What is the financial savings from generics?

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Generic drugs represent 90% of prescriptions filled. In 2020, this represented a yearly savings that exceeded $338 billion, an increase of more than $23 billion from 2019. To the industry overall, the use of FDA-approved generic prescription drugs saved the U.S. healthcare system nearly $2.4 trillion over the past ten years.08

About Teva Products

How can I tell if I am taking a Teva medicine?

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The manufacturer's name is usually printed on the prescription bottle label or paperwork you receive. In some cases, "TEVA" or "TV" may be printed on the tablet or capsule. You can look for the product on our website. Or, ask your pharmacist, who can be a great resource for all your medication questions!

How can I find out when a Teva generic becomes available for a brand medication?

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Sign up to receive periodic emails from Teva Generics and we will automatically notify you when new generics become available from Teva.

Where are Teva products made?

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Teva operates 40 manufacturing facilities in 27 countries. These facilities manufacture solid dosage forms, sterile injectables, liquids, semi-solids, inhalers, transdermal patches, and other medical devices.03 The FDA inspects each of our facilities (inside and outside of the United States) to ensure our products meet the same FDA standards of good manufacturing practices as brand-name medications.04 Did you know that, in the United States, 300 million generic prescriptions per year are filled with a Teva product? 02

How can I find product details for Teva medicines?

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Teva's online product catalog features product information, including details on Teva medicines, brand equivalents, FDA approval letters, prescribing information, and scannable barcodes. There are many options to easily search for a product.

Are Teva generic drugs approved by the FDA?

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When patents expire on brand-name medicines, Teva can request and receive FDA approval to manufacture and sell a generic version of the medicine.

Teva’s FDA-approved generic drugs must have the same high quality, strength, purity and stability as the brand. It must also work the same way the brand-name product does and be taken the same way. Our generic drug contains the same active or key ingredients.05

Are Teva generic drugs as safe as brand-name drugs?

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The FDA will not approve a generic drug unless the manufacturer can demonstrate it works the same as the brand. The FDA reviews the safety of both brand and generic prescription drugs before they are approved for use and continues to monitor safety of these medications. In fact, most reported side effects generally describe a known reaction to a drug's active ingredient, which is found in both brand-name and generic versions of the medication.04

How can I get additional information on a Teva product?

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You can request information for any Teva product by contacting Teva’s customer service team at or 800.545.8800.

Did Teva acquire Actavis Pharmaceuticals? Why do some products have an Actavis Pharmaceuticals product label?

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Teva Pharmaceuticals acquired Actavis Generics. The acquisition has allowed us to offer you even more generic drug options! You can learn more about the Actavis acquisition by contacting our customer service team at or 800.545.8800.

Why does it take time after a new brand drug is introduced for a Teva generic to be made available?

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When a brand-name drug is approved, the brand company typically receives a patent that protects its product from generic drug competition for a period of time. This allows the brand manufacturer to recover its research, development, and marketing investments.07 Be confident that Teva is constantly working to bring generic drugs to market when brand patents expire.

General Generic Drug Information

I have a brand-name product, so how can I tell the generic name?

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All brand-name drugs have a generic name. The generic name is the active ingredient(s) in the medication and often appears next to the brand name. There are a few unique cases where the generic medicine may also have another name in addition to the active ingredient. Ask your pharmacist if you have any questions.

Will a generic medicine look like its brand-name equivalent?

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Typically it will not. The appearance of a brand-name drug is trademarked by the original manufacturer, so the generic product might have to be a different shape or color. But, the active or key ingredients must be the same.04

Is there more than one generic medication available for a brand-name product?

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It's possible. Several generic companies may manufacture a generic equivalent. Some patients feel more comfortable choosing a generic made by a company they trust. Our online product catalog lists all medications available through Teva.

Are all generic drug manufacturers the same?

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No two companies are exactly the same. However, all pharmaceutical companies - including generic drug manufacturers - must follow the same FDA regulations and undergo regular FDA inspections.04

With more than 120 years of experience, Teva is committed not only to meeting FDA standards, but to exceeding them, and providing affordable and quality medications.03

What is the generic approval process?

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Generic drugs undergo a rigorous review process by the FDA to ensure their quality prior to becoming available to patients. Multiple facets of a generic drug's bioequivalence, chemistry, and production are evaluated by the FDA prior to approval. Critical elements including drug components, drug stability, packaging, manufacturing processes, and facility descriptions must meet all of FDA's high standards.07

What is bioequivalence?

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All approved generic drug substitutes must be bioequivalent to the approved brand product. Products are bioequivalent to each other when their absorption and rate of absorption in the body are nearly the same.09 This ensures the generic equivalent will work the same way in the body as the brand product. The average variance between brand and generic drugs has been found to be similar to variance between batches of the same branded product!05

What’s an authorized generic?

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An authorized generic is a pharmaceutical product that a brand company produces under a New Drug Application (NDA) and then it is marketed and distributed like a generic product. Because it is produced by the brand company, it is the same exact product as the brand product and is often available at a lower cost.06 You can think of it as the brand product in a generic bottle and at a generic price!

The drug I’m taking gave me an unwanted reaction. How do I report it?

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You are encouraged to report negative side effects to the FDA. Visit, or call 800.FDA.1088.

We also request that you contact Teva’s Pharmacovigilance Unit at or 888.TEVA.USA (888.838.2872). Choose option 3, then option 4 to report a side effect with a Teva product. Teva’s Pharmacovigilance Department monitors the safety of Teva’s products by collecting information on side effects.

Where can I find more information on generic drugs?

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Please find below several helpful resources that can provide additional information on generic drugs:

Is your question missing? Contact us to allow us to answer your question.


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