Teva Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)


Mission: Broaden awareness, showing support and enhancing the careers of those working with disabilities in our communities.

Asian Heritage

Mission: Provide a cultural affinity resource to celebrate and share Asian heritages and foster employee connectivity and professional development to help members thrive in the workplace.

Black Heritage

Mission: Promote awareness of Black Heritage culture within Teva, enable professional development through mentoring and networking, and raise awareness of Teva in the Black community.

Latinx Heritage

Mission: Foster an inclusive environment that empowers employees to influence, promote best practices, and contribute to business strategies.


Mission: Advocate for a work life balance and provide opportunities for personal development and career enhancement by focusing on the male perspective in the diversity and inclusion dialogue.

MERGE (Multigenerational Employee Resource Group)

Mission: Provide a platform for cross-generational networking, mentorship, and leadership development to Teva employees of all ages, with a focus on Millennial and Gen Z advancement. 


Mission: Connect employees at all stages in the parenting journey.


Mission: Foster a workplace of open dialog and consistent people policies and practices, empowering individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+), as well as their allies and advocates, to ensure everyone has a full and equal opportunity to contribute and succeed.


Mission: Provide a network that supports and educates on the strengths of Teva’s active, reserve and veteran military employees and their families.


Mission: Enable the advancement of women through networking, leadership development training, mentoring and community.

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