Luis Velez-Rivera

General Manager, Latin America and Puerto Rico
Teva Global Operations

With Teva: 1 Year

Role At Teva:

I’m responsible for Latin American and Puerto Rico manufacturing operations.

Most rewarding experience at Teva:

Leading this team through the global evolution of Teva has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my career. Our plant teams have been extremely professional, committed, supportive, and caring throughout the entire process. Working with them has been the greatest reward. 

On working at Teva:

Teva is an exciting place to work and full of people dedicated to improving the lives of patients and building a stronger company. There are plenty of opportunities to continue growing professionally as we work through a global transformation. We look for team members who are interested in searching for new and better ways to deliver for our patients and our customers. 

Memorable achievement at Teva:

Despite the changes taking place at Teva this year, the Latin American team is excited about improving in several areas that include Safety, Quality, and Customer Service. I’m very proud of the good work we’ve done together.

On making a difference at Teva:

I truly believe that the only way to make a difference, in any job, is to continuously improve. Every day, Teva people in Latin America and all over the world utilize creative approaches and techniques to ensure that our high-quality medicines are produced efficiently and safely. 

In my free time:

I spend quality time with my family, enjoy a great movie and do BBQs.

My personal motto:

What will I improve today?