We at Teva are committed to putting people at the center of what we do. By building on our strong global presence and harnessing our size and scale, we are increasing access to quality health solutions with the potential to help millions of people around the world. We do this by striving to develop and produce affordable, high-quality generic drugs, innovative specialty pharmaceuticals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

It is our employees who are at the core of our success as a global pharmaceutical leader and the world’s largest generic medicines producer. We have colleagues in over 60 countries that develop, produce, and deliver the “world’s largest medicine cabinet” to 200 million people every day1.

By simplifying and unifying our business, we are working to meet the needs of our stakeholders and keep our promise to build a sustainable business. Our goal is to meet the current needs of patients and caregivers by continually developing our diverse portfolio of products and solutions, and we strive to anticipate future patient needs by evolving through research and development through key therapeutic areas, business development, and innovation. 

We wake up with pride every morning knowing that we help improve people's lives, while ensuring the highest standards of compliance and business integrity in everything we do. 


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1. Teva annual report filing 2018