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Make a difference to people's health, every day

Working at Teva is not just a job, it’s so much more than that. Here, you get to spend each day helping millions of people around the world enjoy healthier lives. At the same time, you’ll be joining a dedicated team, united by the strong sense that we’re building something greater than ourselves.

Its purpose-filled work, which leads to a fulfilling career. You’ll be supported and empowered to be the best you can be, with many opportunities for growth and development along the way.


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What Teva is all about

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Ensuring Access to Quality Medicines

We all experience commuting problems.
We experience life’s ups, and downs.
We experience tastes, touch, smells
And we all experience health concerns.

But around the globe we don’t all have the same access to the medicine we need.

At Teva, we aim to help people live the healthiest life they can
providing essential medicine to hundreds of millions of people, every day.
This includes a wide portfolio of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical medicines.

Our unique approach to R&D, production and supply and broad capabilities, including specialty treatments and generics help us deliver high-quality medicines at an affordable cost to our patients. 

Because at Teva, we strive to improve the lives of patients all around the world.

Family dramas; falling in love; health concerns. Around the world, we all share many of the same life experiences. But we don’t always have the same access to the medicines we need to help us live better, healthier lives.

Every day, TevaPharmaceuticals helps around 200 million people around the world gain access to quality, affordable medicines. Our mission is to be a global leader in generics and biopharmaceuticals – and in doing so, ensuring a healthier tomorrow for our planet and for patients all around the world.

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Good health means the world to us

We’ve been making good health more accessible for over 120 years. Today, we’re the world’s leading manufacturer of generic medicines, producing many of the products on the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List, increasing access to essential medicines for patients in low and middle-income countries. Around 200 million people around the world take one of our medicines every day.

What we do Good health means the world to us
Employees in laboratory USA

The power of difference

At Teva, everyone belongs, and all opinions are valued. We welcome and embrace individuals of all ethnicities, races, religions, cultures, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities. This strengthens our organization, fueling our creativity and innovation as we work to improve health for people of all backgrounds.

Inclusion & Diversity The power of difference

When our people are heard, respected, and empowered, they can realize their full potential and apply their skills and talents

We care about our work, our impact & the people we work with

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We’re here to improve lives.  Everywhere.

Florian Falschebner, Teva Germany: “I wanted to work for a company who does great things for the people, I wanted to be part of that story,  I want to be part of Teva.”

Charlene Brisbane, Teva USA: “It’s all about getting medicines to patients, that need them, so helping people, feel better and live longer.” 

Ivan Slavic, PLIVA Croatia: “As a kid I wanted to be a doctor and to heal people, now I am a pharmacist working with doctors to improve people’s life.”

Andrea Papp, Teva Hungary: “With this great team we are responsible to provide quality products to the patients. For me the greatest joy in team work, is when I see the pride and happiness on their faces, that they are successfully contributed their tasks that have moved the global team forward.”

Reem Iraqi, Teva Israel: “We analyze data in order to make our medicines more safe and more approachable.”

Shivangi Singh, Teva India: “Everyone is highlighted and appreciated for the good work they do.  The happiness which I am getting from dancing or from my work, I can put that in both of the places. I am loving it.”

Isis Del Angel, Teva Mexico: “I feel excitement in my job every day, because my legal job allows me to grow and to learn about other people.”

Charlene Brisbane (voice over visuals): “Working at Teva is exhilarating. Helping others to develop, and also striving to help medicines be developed that can help people.”

“There’s all types of opportunities where you can develop yourself that I really appreciate.”

“Having the ability to help bring medicines to patients is making impact.”

Florian Falschebner (closing visuals): “It’s not about reaching the top in the first line, it is about the way and it is about how you do it, this makes Teva unique I would say.”

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We’re bonded by a shared sense of pride, purpose and belonging

Warm, friendly, fair, and inclusive; that’s us. Here, we work, grow, and have fun, together. United by an undeniable feeling that we’re building something greater than ourselves.

Life at Teva We’re bonded by a shared sense of pride, purpose and belonging

Join us on our life-enhancing mission

At Teva, we’re inspired by a simple mission: to be a global leader in generics and biopharmaceuticals, improving the lives of patients. To help us achieve our mission, we act according to a collection of shared values. These are not only reflected in our approach to medicine, but in our every decision and action too.

Our Core Values Join us on our life-enhancing mission

Everything you need to know

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Grow with us, learn with us, and thrive

A career with us means you’ll never stop learning and developing. You will lead your personal development path, and we’ll be with you at every step, helping you stretch and grow.

Growth at Teva Grow with us, learn with us, and thrive
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We take care of what matters most. starting with you

We’re just as passionate about looking after our people, as we are our patients. After all, you’re the ones making a difference every single day.

Benefits & Wellbeing We take care of what matters most. starting with you

About 200 million people around the world take a Teva medicine every day

Women employees in laboratory Germany

No pharma experience? No problem.
Make a change. Make a difference.

We always welcome new perspectives to our culture and expertise. So, if you’re thinking about changing industries, we’d love to meet you.

Changing Industry No pharma experience? No problem.Make a change. Make a difference.
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Ready to be part of something bigger? Join us!

If you’re ready to help us improve lives all over the world, we’re ready to meet you. Find out everything you need to know about our hiring process and apply now!

How we Hire Ready to be part of something bigger? Join us!

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