Broad Street Run

On Sunday, May 5, 108 Teva employees will join an estimated 35,000 participants from all over the world in a race to the finish line through the City of Brotherly Love.

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run (BSR), a 10-mile race in its 40th year has been a long-time tradition of the generics team at Teva, attracting first timers and seasoned runners alike each year with many employees returning again and again. Team Teva’s participation in the iconic run, which takes place through the scenic streets of Philadelphia and benefits the American Cancer Society, helps promote our commitment to enhancing health and wellness in the community where many employees live and work.

As the countdown to the start time draws near, we are highlighting some of the repeat runners on this year’s Team Teva.

Repeat Runners in the Spotlight

“The atmosphere and support at the BSR is quite unique. This is by far my favorite run and I look forward to it every year. It’s an opportunity to challenge myself, while enjoying the atmosphere and people. Plus, what better way to see Philly?” -- Mayra Avila Sr. Director Finance, US Generics, Teva

“The best part of the BSR is the energy. People line the streets and cheer on strangers. You feel like you’re part of something and people are rooting for you and cheering you on, because on that day, we are all on the same team. I played sports all my life, and running always felt like a punishment. I turned to running to get in shape and got hooked. In the last half mile of the Broad Street Run a few years ago, a fellow runner who I didn’t know and I kept trying to get in front of each other. I turned to him with about 100 yards left and said ‘race you to the finish on 3?’ We were neck and neck in a sprint, but with about 30 feet left I cut him off and crossed the finish line, then immediately apologized for my psychotic competitiveness. He was laughing so hard, he couldn’t catch his breath." - William Baldini, Director & Executive Counsel, Teva

“This will be my 5th year running this race. I am by no means a seasoned runner. I started running in 2013. For me it was a way to get back into shape after having my two kids. I heard about the BSR from my co-workers and it became my target race to prepare for and after that first race, I couldn’t wait for the next one. There are very few races that you enjoy the entire run and feel like the whole city is cheering you on. Folks always ask me, when are you going to start training and I tell them, I never stopped running since that first race. Running is now a part of my life. I will run 30-40 miles a week no matter the weather.” -- Redet Tefera, Associate Director Trade Marketing & Pricing and Team Teva’s organizer

“I ran my first BSR in 1997 when it was only 5,500 runners and today there are nearly 40,000 participants in what has become a Philadelphia tradition. I was so excited when Teva started sponsoring corporate teams in the race. It’s fun to meet other Teva runners from different locations and departments, and to bond over the whole experience. I’m proud that I have been part of Teva teams placing in the top 3 for six years now. But at the same time, Broad Street is about being part of an amazing and diverse running community, which supports each other no matter your years of running experience, abilities or personal goals. Go Team Teva!” -- Kirsten E. Bauer SVP & General Counsel, Teva North America and TGO

“I haven’t run in the Broad Street Race for a couple of years, but I am looking forward to participating this year. There is so much energy and excitement from the runners and supporters which makes it fun and motivating.” - Deb Macaleer, Head of Specialty Sales at Teva and Four Time Runner in the BSR

“I ran my first BSR last year before I hit 40. I have decided to run every year from now on, rain or shine.” -- Narendra Racharla, MS Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs, US Generics, Teva

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