How do I…put patient safety first?

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do. Join Scott behind the scenes as he shows us some of the steps taken to put patient safety first at our manufacturing sites.

Teva’s medicines treat nearly 200 million people around the world every day. We know that behind every patient there is a story, a family and a struggle. These challenges inspire us to find solutions to the medical problems people face.

Put Patient Safety First

Up to 200 million patients take a Teva medicine every day. As Scott shows us, lasers, scales and thousands of photos are just some of the tools we use to ensure quality and put patient safety first during the manufacturing process.

Please note: This video was created before the COVID19 pandemic.

Teva’s portfolio of products is among the largest of any pharmaceutical company in the world - we deliver more than 2,400 different products to patients in more than 60 countries.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality and compliance begins with research and development. And it covers each stage of the drug development and commercialization process, from the procurement of raw materials, to the approval of our product submissions by regulatory authorities around the world and commercial distribution.

More than 20,000 colleagues support our global manufacturing network of 65 sites in 33 countries. Our quality and compliance professionals are a key part of the manufacturing process. They play a crucial role in meeting our quality commitments to patients and to the regulatory agencies that approve our medicines.

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