Levana Volovsky - Director, Global Regulatory Bridges the Health Equity Gap for Women with MS

Patient safety and improving health equity for women are essential to making strides in treatment. Hear from Levana as she shares with us some of the achievements that have been made to bring us closer to our goals and amplify the female voices in MS.

On World MS Day—and every day—we at Teva want to evolve Teva’s mission to meet the needs of patients and bring the global MS community together. I have been with Teva for 19 years in the Regulatory department of R&D (Research & Development) and have seen the treatment landscape change over time.

In today’s competitive landscape, Teva acts with intention. My team has worked extensively on submissions that spotlight long-term and real-world safety data, with patient safety as the priority. I stand with everyone affected by MS, understanding that it takes a toll on quality of life and affects various aspects of daily living. 01 Most especially, I want to recognize women living with MS, as they comprise 74% of all MS diagnoses. 02

While we have come a long way, from a regulatory perspective, we are always looking for ways to expand labeling and prescribing information to provide women with more treatment options they can feel comfortable with.

We at Teva want women living with MS to have full access to the health care they need, which is why we are committed to improving access and reducing health disparities.

In addition to our efforts in women’s health, Teva has expanded into new international markets, increased access for additional patient populations, and strengthened existing relationships with patient advocates. With each milestone, we get closer to our goal of helping people in the MS community live better and reflecting their treatment needs.

It is my hope to continue to push for improvements at every level, to ensure that female patient voices—and all voices in MS—are embraced and empowered.


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