Meet Kathy Konops, Teva US employee for 46 years!

Tenured employment is often thought of as a thing of the past, as career longevity has been redefined by each generation. At Teva, the average employee spends 10.5 years developing their career. There is something to be said for the knowledge and commitment of the individual who grows as the organization grows. We believe in consistent employee engagement, challenge and growth for our employees – tenure is proof of concept. It has always been a big part of our culture here at Teva and we hope it will continue with every new hire. During our 120th year anniversary, we are celebrating some of our longest-term employees.

In 1975, Kathy began her tenure at Teva’s Elizabeth, New Jersey facility, as Executive Assistant to the CEO. At the time, the facility belonged to Purepac Pharmaceutical Co., an early leader in generics. 

Over the years, the generics industry has changed.

Kathy in the 1980s.png"Back when I first started, generics were not widely prescribed, nor trusted. Through the hard work of industry pioneers, we eventually saw the generics industry grow. I am proud of my contribution to the growth of the industry, supporting those industry innovators whose names have faded into time with no recorded history, but their contributions were immense."

Over time, she grew with the Company and was offered a promotion that led her to Human Resources (HR).

"My favorite time with the Company has been working with HR. If I have to work a little later in my day to help people, that’s alright. That’s what the department is all about."

Still today, Kathy continues to support HR, where she particularly enjoys new hire orientation, where she welcomes new hires and spends time ensuring they understand the benefits package Teva provides.

Kathy (right) with colleague Maria Rego

The workplace has changed a great deal
since Kathy began her career. "When I first started, we had an IBM computer room with punch cards."

She advises, "To be successful, you have to always keep up with the new technologies and systems. We keep learning, as the Company and the world change around us. With each new innovation, the Company has invested in educating us in the new technology."

Right before Teva became her employer, Kathy found a new role in the Company, becoming the Administrative Assistant to the Elizabeth’ site's General Manager.

"During my tenure in Elizabeth, the Company was acquired six times. Teva is the seventh company I’ve worked for and I haven’t left the building!"

Despite the many changes over the years, Kathy has remained dedicated to the success of our Company, and ultimately to the patients we serve.

What keeps her motivated after all these years is the people she works with. "I consider everyone my extended family!"

Reflecting on the years of service to the industry, Kathy feels content. "I started my career working for an innovative generics company, and I will most likely be concluding my career working for a global generics leader. That gives me a lot of pride."

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