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"We bring higher quality and stronger compliance to our products and operations when we do it right the first time." - Merle Goddard, Teva Head of Global Quality

In Teva, we always take pride in the high-quality medicines we produce and deliver to our patients and caregivers. Merle Goddard, recently appointed Head of Global Quality at Teva, shared with us her strategy and beliefs when it comes to quality of medicines, leadership, and innovations.

I am based in the US and brought to Teva several decades of diverse international management experience. Teva is an exceptional company, with extraordinary people and products. I love it very much! I think that there is tenacity, grit, and big heart everywhere you look. The Teva culture is vibrant, and I see a lot of optimism and perseverance. I just couldn't be happier.

I enjoy innovations. They play a key role in the quality field. I believe that one of the things that will make the difference in the near future is the ability to computer-model, trend and systemically specify and control product design and processes, and then plan based on this model. Artificial Intelligence is also being used to generate computer learning. We create not only excellent products, but large amounts of data, and this will allow us to use the data to understand trends, turn them into knowledge and take continuous improvement actions. It's a big step toward ensuring our processes are "right first time," which is essential when dealing with human health.

In quality, we have a very important task in supporting Teva's Pivot to Growth. Our way to do it is by being efficient and simplify the ways of working. We must ask ourselves what is fundamentally needed, what basics we need to fulfill to ensure we are compliant and have the necessary quality. It is important to never cut corners, ensure we minimize waste and try new ideas.

For me, a good quality organization is demonstrated by a healthy culture. I want people to feel Teva is a place to grow. We want colleagues who come home to their families and speak about their work proudly, who truly believe in our "We are all in for better health" purpose. We need to remember that every product we touch, touches a life, so we have a big responsibility.

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I am inspired by continuous improvement. Small steps we take to innovate and connect our network make access to healthcare easier for patients. We strive to always be a trusted partner for patients, providers, customers, and the healthcare system.

When it comes to experimenting new ideas, my motto is - Go for it! We must put new ideas into action to be agile and innovative. We want to seek and share good ideas, pilot them, and continually adjust. Development, learning, and growth is the center of our progress. We want to go big and seek a new level of excellence.

I like to see myself as a servant leader. I'm here to form the best possible team around me and empower them. It's my job to allow their brilliance to shine and grow. Teva is on an incredible growth trajectory, and we need to provide the right culture and environment so our people can do what they are best at and be their best selves.

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