Company Statement on Vincristine


Teva takes very seriously the importance of vincristine. We also understand the passion and pain that parents and patients may feel but it’s important to appreciate the facts.

When Teva decided to stop manufacturing vincristine in the US, the company was only supplying 3% of the market. The remaining 97% was coming from the manufacturer of the brand product. Based on this lack of demand for the Teva product at the time, and to enable us to re-adjust our limited resources to make other life-saving products needed in the market, Teva decided to discontinue vincristine and alerted FDA of its decision in March 2019. With the data that was available, there was no indication of a possibility of a shortage if the company left the market and availability of Teva product has not contributed to the shortage that is being experienced today.

We do not take elimination of any of products lightly and we always carefully evaluate the need as thoroughly as possible (though we are generally not privy to the supply challenges that other manufacturers may be having). We are looking at any and all options to contribute to the solution now that we have been made aware that the brand product is in short supply.

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