National survey highlights health access barriers exacerbated during the pandemic

The ongoing health crisis has magnified barriers to access within our healthcare system — especially those felt by vulnerable communities. As the effects of COVID-19 continue to unfold, we must take conscious actions to address the disparities made worse by the pandemic.

In collaboration with the Morehouse School of Medicine, we set out to gather experiences from both consumers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) regarding the biggest challenges facing equitable and accessible healthcare in this country. The survey of 4,000 adults and over 600 HCPs across the U.S. reveals some striking findings.

Telehealth will continue to play a big role in healthcare moving forward. 58% of consumers, three fourths of physicians, and half of all pharmacists plan to use online services after the pandemic. However, these tools aren’t accessible to everyone. One third of healthcare providers report that telehealth is not viable for many low-income patients.

As we gain more knowledge around inequalities, much can be done within our industry and in collaboration with other sectors across society. Teva is committed to play a constructive role in affecting positive change.

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