Kathleen Veit

Vice President, Global Compliance, Investigations & Monitoring, Teva
2019 Teva HBA National Rising Star

With Teva: 9 years

We believe in the power and promise of enabling, developing and recognizing women in becoming exceptional leaders at Teva. As the premier catalyst for development of women in the healthcare industry, the Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA)’s Rising Stars program honors top talent who exhibit exemplary leadership and are role models who have made notable contributions. We asked this year’s Teva Rising Stars to share their career journeys and advice. These are their stories.

“Early on in my career, I was told that I should consider pursuing a career more suited for women – obviously, I did not take this advice.”

What I wanted to be when I grew up:

I am fortunate to have a job doing exactly what I love. From a very young age, I had the desire to be a guardian for those who needed one, and a desire to drive positive change.

How I began my career: 

I studied criminal justice in college and managed to land a rare paid field internship for a very demanding company as an insurance fraud investigator. I worked really hard that summer and loved the work which uncovered fraud and provided tangible cost savings to various insurance clients. 

Gut-wrenching career decision with no regrets:

The toughest career choice I’ve made was to discontinue pursuing the hiring process with the FBI. I was included in 1% of 80,000 applicants to be sent for extensive special agent training. This was an excruciatingly tough decision for me, but I listened to my gut and I don’t regret my choice to pursue another path. I’ve learned that intuition is a voice that deserves to be valued and trusted and I’ve gotten better and better at trusting mine over the years.

Most surprising professional advice I ever received:

Early on in my career, I was told to consider pursuing a career more suited for women – obviously, I did not take this advice.

Notable influence on my career:

I have been very fortunate to have had some incredible managers throughout my career who have been exceptional mentors. Equally influential are the managers who weren’t so incredible. They taught me what not to do or how to act as I’ve progressed in my career. It’s important to learn lessons from both.

Most rewarding experience at Teva:

I am most proud when I uncover something that needs to change -- the outcome of positive changes implemented can have a profound impact on the business and employees. 

Advice I’d give to my 22 year old self:

Obstacles, whether personal or professional, are temporary. Be patient and persistent. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Personal coaching/mentoring motto:

Ask more questions! Always seek to listen and learn and leave ego at the door.