Brigette Tanner

Senior Manager Compliance

Meet our 2022 HBA Luminary


What advice to you have for other Teva employees who are trying to pave their path and grow from within?

Ask questions, seek mentorship, and dare to apply. Let people know what aspects of a job you like, and where you shine. Focus on developing your strengths.

What is one risk that you have taken that has helped you to grow the most during your career journey thus far?

As I diversified from Quality Control laboratory to the Quality and Compliance functions, it was very intimidating to learn and execute Quality risk-based assessments and agency submissions. At one point in time, I took a role that required not only my Quality background, but also many aspects of Regulatory. This role required much research and tested my knowledge and capabilities in a new way. While the path was very difficult, it helped me gain confidence that through the right strategies, collaboration, and dedication anything can be achieved and accomplished.

What are some factors that you attribute to your success in the pharmaceutical industry?

As a scientist, I am passionate about learning and understanding a variety of topics. In many of the projects I have worked on, I have focused more on what interests me about the project, than the actual outcome of the project itself.  Having curiosity to solve problems drives innovation and creative solutions. Success is a natural outcome to objective problem solving. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to the next generation of women starting their career in the pharmaceutical industry?

Focus on the experience of your career, and not the specific job title. Each day offers new learning, challenges, and opportunities. Each person’s path is unique – pave your own distinctive way.