Uwe Serf

Associate Director, IT, NA Service & Support

Time With Teva: 2.5 years

Typical day at Teva:

I serve as a liaison to the IT Service Desk, helping with incident management and escalation, video conferencing and service improvements.

Most rewarding experience at Teva:

Praise from providing outstanding customer support is very rewarding. One SVP’s feedback that a situation I helped resolve was “The best IT experience in [his] entire career” made me particularly proud.

Biggest influence on my career at Teva:

I enjoy working with different people from varied career backgrounds all over the world. I have embraced different cultures, career backgrounds, behaviors and customs, so there is a certain comfort level when collaborating with my colleagues.

Memorable achievement at Teva:

Successfully moving to a new IT Portal in just three months.

My personal motto:

If you see it’s broken, then fix it. It won’t fix itself.

On working at Teva:

Teva is a place with new challenges every day, but also full of personal rewards. I love the collaboration, diverse culture, growth potential, and positive attitude of my peers. You need to be open-minded and listen to other viewpoints ― Teva is spread out over many countries and cultures, and we all need to pull on the same rope to move the company forward. To be successful, you need to take calculated risks and seize opportunities when they present themselves.